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I Wrote To Impress and My Client Said WTF
February 24, 2018
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write to impress not to express
Occasionally we came across things that sounds so good to listen, but when you apply, you eventually know that it was a bad idea. In my case, I experimented with write to impress or write to express. And you know what the best part of experimenting? In the end, you will definitely know the right way of doing the task. 

“Thankfully, I didn’t land on troublesome. But to make certain that you have the accurate mindset in your writing career, I decided to share my quick read experience with you guys”.

So What Went Wrong?

“Write To Impress” and “Write To Express” they both are the different term and have different implications. I’ve seen that the majority of writer does focus on “express” factor, i.e. all about your perspective, ideas, feelings, and thoughts. But since I was the part of digital marketing (handling the SME’s project) the concept of write to express backfired in a more bizarre way.

What I learned that my clients are not in a mood to listen my perspective, i.e. what positive I really felt about their brand. In my case, it was all about writing as per the client understanding, and from their standpoint. At this moment, being expressive means nothing because I failed to impress.

I personally believe that it is my responsibility to serve my client in a best possible manner. So whenever a new project comes to me, I had to make a positive impression. A positive impression greatly helps in building the long-term relationship, credibility and they trust you for several other things.

Should You Not Write To Express?

Please try to understand the angle; everything has its own place and its own way. Let’s take an example of the post you are reading right now, you saw the title right? You should write to express only in case:

(a) When you are writing for your own blog,

(b) When a client gives you the privilege to be expressive

(c) When you are writing for the social media platforms and

(d) When you are a part of the discussion.

These are the cases where you can write whatever you feel like and in these situations, your flair is most demanded.

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Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh is a passionate writer and digital marketer that clearly understand that key to successful marketing goes through quality. He is well-qualified to handle SME's project and majority of readers love his writing style because he knows exactly what to deliver.

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