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Never Start Blogging Career OUT OF EXCITEMENT: Be Prepared & Be Planned
March 2, 2018
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In blogging career Excitement Kills passion lives

This is going to be a quick read post where I’ll be sharing “Why bloggers fail in blogging” and some preeminent tips on “blogging Career advice for beginners”.

Many people these days start their blogging career out of excitement; which is quite absurd because that eventually leads to massive failure.

See, the excitement can come from anywhere. It could be like some rich blogger is earning a huge amount of money, thousands of dollars, on monthly basis and I’ve seen many people stating that even they want to make money online by sitting home and writing stuff. Believe me bud, this is the poor source of motivation and it’s not going to take you anywhere. Instead, you will only waste your time.

Why Should You Never Start Blogging Out Of Excitement?

When someone asks me a question on how to build a solid career in writing, the most common (but true) thing I say is to surrender yourself and practice daily. But the moment I say, people usually gives me an awkward look as they were expecting some kind of magic words.

This is the harsh reality guys, there are no such words like Abracadabra or Hocus-pocusIt’s just a pure dedication, it’s just a pure practice. The lack of commitment is the main reason that why bloggers fail at blogging.

Factual thing is- Blogging is the lucrative field that continuously demands creativity out of you. It testifies your way of thinking and your artistic standpoint. You just cannot jump into the pool by simply thinking that all you have to do is write.

When you start something out of excitement, your keenness is restricted to some extent. But when things don’t work (as you might have imagined in the beginning), you became demotivated and this is where most of the bloggers quit.


Always remember one thing- When it comes to blogging career, Excitement kills, but passion lives

passion for blogging- make your own blogging career

Like I said in the above paragraph, in case of excitement when things don’t work as imagined, people quit. But if you are passionate about something, you’ll keep on moving no matter how many times you have failed, you’ll make the things right. Do a simple exercise

  • Ask yourself “why”– Why you want to become a writer, what’s the point? And how it’s going to help you with your career?
  • What you gonna write about?– Just don’t do what others are doing. Pick up your area of interest. Avoid choosing the wrong niche.
  • Do not copy others– Try to create something of your own. You are talented enough to craft your own article
  • Develop a strong mindset and work ethics– Be regular on your blogging and always explore something productive.

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