Mindset In Writing-Tackling Emotions, Moods, & Your Views
February 11, 2018
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mindset in writing
The worst-case scenario in the writer’s career is when you become incapable to perform. That is, when you are not able to focus, you don’t know what to write or when you simply out of ideas. Being empty from inside is something that all the writer face, but if you harness the key of impeccable mindset in writing, you can easily get back in the game.

I decided to share some useful insights, but before we proceed, you have to admit 2 basic facts:

You cannot write on every topic. Admit it, you are limited by knowledge or experience.
You might overcome those limitations in the near future, but at present, it is a downside for you. So chin up, and write on those business topics that you are interested or highly capable in.

My Life Example– “I remember when I got a project on the dark matter (cosmological theories) and boy-o-boy, it has some serious-scientific hardcore topic; all about protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos (scared the shit out of me). Now, this was something out of my area of expertise, so I had to say ‘no’.”

Feeling Sad, anger, bore, or series of emotions is a part of human nature.
You simply can’t run away from these. But you can adapt the environment around you in a way that it shall encourage you to keep going.

My Life Example– “I was continuously writing for the travel agency for the past one month on diverse topics and packages. And the day came when I felt depressed and pour out of ideas. This usually happens when you are continuously working on same business niche, and your marginal utility declines.

My experience has taught me that every writer is different in his/her own way. It does not matter whether you are writing for digital marketing, advertising, fashion industry or any business niche, you need to have a firmed attitude in your occupation, or otherwise, you’ll become incompetent.

How To Gain Strong Mindset In Writing?

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Developing a positive attitude is kind of hard because human life is mainly influenced by diversions, relationship, interest, challenges, abilities, setbacks, criticism, and many other aspects. All these happen on a continuous basis and are also a part of your daily routine. Here is something that I prefer to do as a writer for a firmed mindset in writing career:

First, I Decided Not To Work For Specific Business Niche.
It is difficult for me to keep up with the supply on the same subject, so why not handle the different demand. A grocery store doesn’t keep the same product of the same brand, so why shall I restrict my talent to one business niche. This is the sole reason that I prefer to work in a digital marketing firm or ad agency because the project I ultimately get is like trying out new dishes every time.

Second, Try To Handle Two Or More Project Topic Synchronically.
Believe me, this will eventually help (especially if you are working in the digital marketing field and your boss only wants results). In the realm of writing, there’s a continuous demand for creativity and that has to be fulfilled every time. I’ve observed that most of the writers feel tired after writing one article on the specific business subject because the brain processor stops working and they cannot think of what more to write. Give your brain some time and in the meanwhile, you can start working on others.

Always Aim To Create First Solid Impression In The Mind Of The Customer.
A positive impression never dies and leaves an indelible mark. Once you deliver something valuable to your clients, you bind them for your services. As of my experience, I’ve learned that a customer expects nothing but a quality work out of you. And when you fail to deliver that, you not only break his trust but also get a remark of unprofessionalism.

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