A Catchy Headline Catches The Eye Of Reader- Agree or Not?
February 17, 2018
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catchy headlines for blogs, articles. See the best method to create eye grabbing titles.
Sound perplexing, isn’t it? A catchy headline of a blog or an article is more like a cover page of a book and one should not mess with it. It has to sound interesting, definitive, relevant and striking. Only then you would be able to persuade your users or readers to click, or even to take any action. 

Let’s understand this in a more clear-cut way.

When you go to a mall, you like something from a distance. Although you do not know how the quality of that product will be, but you still go and see it. Now that’s the power of appeal. And that’s why the majority of brand spends the huge amount of money in designing a campaign, blog, banner or Ad post of intriguing headlines.

A title actually tells a gist of your content. In other language, it appeals your users to click, stay, read and observe. In the case of blogging, a reader decides whether to click or not to click in a fraction of second and you have only that much of limited time to capture his/her attention in a prominent manner.

How To Write A Catchy Headlines?

As a professional content writer, even I’ve observed that fewer people prefer to read your blogs, but more people prefer to read your headline first. If you manage to create an appealing title, you can make a dramatic impact on the reader’s mind that certain drives huge click-through rate.

Here’s what I do to create catchy headlines:

I start by understanding the concept
, i.e. what it is, why it is, why people need it, how the product is different and many other questions. It’s a pure research on facts and finding of the subject matter.

Find the USP
– Unique Selling proposition is basically the appealing factor that differentiates the brand from others. It could be something innovative or concerning. For example- I remember when I was writing for a real-estate organization and they have introduced the Senior Living concept (A age-friendly society for the elders where they do not worry about home-maintenance, instead they cherish 2nd inning of their life). Their vision was truly amazing and revelation differentiated them from the rest of the players in the market).

Try to mold the title in the different suitable form
– Instead of writing the same old boring lousy title, try to experiment it and create a different version. Gone are those days when people used to influence via terms like advantages, benefits. Today users prefer to see different’ so you got to supply different. You can play with alliteration, phrase, or facts.

Try to keep it concise and short
– Though the majority of marketers have the funda’s of “Talking more in less time” but in case if the blog, article or ad-campaign, it actually backfires and takes a shape of nonsense talk.

For example:

Let’s assume that my client told me to write Taboola Ad title for- couple Holiday package valentine special @ 20k in Goa! Hurry!!

And after doing all my research, the only title he accepted was- “What could be better than a memorable trip in Goa? This Valentine day, let’s plan a couple escape @20k…”

Now it’s your time to create attention-grabbing headlines. Have fun 🙂

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