About Author- Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh

Yes, this is me, the designer and founder of @peppymatin as well the professional content writer. Blogging has been a fascinating journey for me. When I first started out in 2014, I never knew this would become my career. I guess at that moment, I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of online realm. But in the end, I’m glad that I choose my passion. 


Here’s what you will find at Peppy Matin:

A glimpse of my personal life story.
Many ways to have  a positive thinking.
Simplified solution to come with a great writing material.


I learn, and practice and I believe in sharing whatever I’ve learned from my past experience. 



When I first completed my MBA, I was so excited to join a startup organization. I really wanted to see and experience the rage and enthusiasm that startup organization holds. Turnout to be the disaster decision of my life and that was the moment I realized that all the glitters are not gold. Anyway, its a long story, you probably wanna read a blog on it.

Blogging, on other hand, was slowly becoming the key part of my life. Even after so many failures in job interview, I feel independent and happy whenever I write. After trying many jobs of different, I finally realized that will be my career and decided to give it a shot. Hence, I created the online portfolio and wrote some blogs. Finally the day came when one organization acknowledge my potential and hired me. Wherever I went, I got to learn something new. My one decision changed my entire career path. I’m so happy that I took a decision to become a writer, otherwise I’ve would have landed in some boring job profile.

My Definition of Writing

I believe that writing starts with a hallucination and then use images & video alongside if possible to perfectly craft it.

In this digital era, a website has a miscellaneous responsibility to serve and having a good content on a website plays an important role in grabbing the interest of readers. In the past, I’ve handled numerous client project related to e-commerce, SEO articles, SME’s, Bloggers, medical, etc and delivered the optimal results to them.

To me personally, content is not only about a bunch of texts rather, it’s something more that people usually doesn’t see. It all starts with the vision and then crafting into the reality by using images, video or graphic elements. Any blog or article that doesn’t influence is nothing but a lame piece of writing.

My Way Is The Right Way and Always Yield The Favorable Outcome

Claiming good service and delivering good service are both different things. Whenever a client trusts me, I try my best to work well from my end. There are certain parameters that I usually follow.

Here is my secret mantra: 

Research About Content

Allow me tell you one thing, the internet is filled with tons of same articles that shouldn’t be repeated. I make sure that I do not replicate the same content and portray something exceptional. There are certain parameters I generally focus on, such as:

Effective research about audience, competitors and keywords
Generate a discussion mindset
Intriguing headline and description
Coming up with facts and figures
Sensible and simple creation of sentence

Moving Along with AIDA

Ok, so this important to me. Though each writer has their own concept and this one is mine. It greatly helps to create promotional material, copy-writing or advertising for any product and services. Let me introduce them:

ATTENTION – I usually agree with the topic or audience
INTEREST– Bring out the facts and figures
DESIRE– Talk about advantage, benefits, pros or why you should have it
ACTION– Persuading them with CTA or contact info.

I know that world is filled with lazy readers

Keeping the sentence concise and clear with easy vocabulary helps in generating meaningful conversation. I make sure that my sentence or paragraph has a room to inhale oxygen or in simple words it doesn’t take the breath away. Just remember- Your readers/ customers can come from any part of the globe and not everyone is good enough in English. Hence by keeping this thought, I consider using following bullets:

Featuring short paragraphs (3-4 sentence)
Not repeating any point
Keeping it as simple as possible even for a kid to read
Highlighting or bolding Important statement